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50km of slopes in the Paganella Skiarea

Ski school areas, blu, red and one black slope - Olimpionica 2, the Champions' slope

Ski slopes

Stato   Nome Impianto
 A     La Rocca

A1    Skiweg La Rocca

 B     Meriz

 C     Dosso Larici

C1    Skiweg Dosso Larici

 D     Panoramica

 E      Tre-tre (Selletta)

 F     Malga Zambana (Traliccio)

 G     Olimpionica 3

 H      Olimpionica 2

 I     Olimpionica 1

 J     San Antonio 2

 L     Cacciatori 1

 M     Cacciatori 2

M1    Snowpark Dosson

 N     Jana Granda

N1    Raccordo Gallo Cedrone

 O     Skiweg Conca D'argento

 P     San Antonio 1

 Q     Paganella 2

 R     Campo Scuola Teresat

 S     Gaggia

S01    Pista da slittino Meriz

 T     Campo scuola Rindole

T1    Rindole Variante

 U     Campo scuola Laghet

 V     Nuvola Rossa

V1    Skiweg Nuvola Rossa

 W     Salare

 X     Skiweg lo scoiattolo

 Y     Orsetto Bianco

 Z     Lupetto

Some slopes (like F, J, Q)  could be closed for training or competitions


50 km of slopes for all: 11 blue slopes, including 4 ski school areas (2 in the mountains, 2 near the villages), 17 red slopes and 1 balck slope, the champions' slope (Bode Miller, Aksel Lund Svindal and the Norway Ski Team Men's Athlets)