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Dog Friendly

Services for dogs in Paganella

Paganella Pet Friendly

Skiarea Paganella welcomes the pets for a walk or for having fun on the snow.


Having fun with your dog in the Paganella Skiarea

At the arrival of the Cable Car Laghet - Prati di Gaggia (n.7) there is a dogs fun park called AGILITY DOG.


In the mountains with your dog

On some lifts dogs are allowed (with them owner):

  • Cable car Andalo - Doss Pelà (n.1)
  • Chairlift Santel - Meriz (n.13)
  • Cable car Laghet - Prati di Gaggia (n.7)
  • Chairlift Prati di Gaggia - Paganella 2 (n.9)

While on the lifts, dogs need to wear the muzzle and have the leash.

Transport of dogs on lift is free of charge


On the bus with your dog

Dogs are allowed on buses and skibuses, only if wearing the muzzle and having the leash.