Paganella Open Pass

Skip the ticket office queues and enjoy a true Golden Experience in Paganella


The Paganella Open Pass is a special card for those who want to experience a GOLDEN EXPERIENCE in Paganella, allowing you to avoid the queues at the ticket office and go directly to the turnstiles of the lifts, both in summer and winter

Not valid for seasonal ski passes

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When issued at the cash desk for the first time, for Juniors and Children, a valid identity document proving date of birth is required
  • The Paganella Open Pass is valid indefinitely, it does not need to be renewed from year to year (except for changes of category child>junior>adult). Not valid outside the Paganella Ski area
  • The Paganella Open Pass replaces the "Paganella My Fun Ski Card" from 2020. If you are in possession of a "Paganella My Fun Ski Card" you can keep it and use it also in summer
  • The Paganella Open Pass can also be used with the MyPass service. To use MyPass, however, you must also register for the Paganella Open Pass.
  1. Sign up online
  2. Pick up your card at the ticket office once only at a cost of €5.00
  3. Choose the service to activate:
    • RECHARGE: on the days before or on the day you want to use the lifts for skiing or with your MTB (accreditation is immediate), buy the ski pass or bike pass you want to load onto your card online and then go directly to the turnstiles
    • MYPASS: the pay-per-use ski pass. Sign up for Mypass (for a fee), link your credit card to the Paganella Open Pass and go directly to the turnstiles. At the end of the day you will be charged the amount of the ticket corresponding to the actual time you used the lifts, without having to decide which ticket to purchase first

Sign up online now

Buy the ski or bike pass you want online and add it to your card. You can also add any insurance.
NB: also works if in possession of the "Paganella My Fun Ski Card"



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