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Multiday Skipass Paganella

6 days skipass is special

Multiday skipass are available from 2 to 14 days. 6 days skipass is special:

  • * 6 DAYS FAB: 6 days skipass valid in the Paganella ski resort, including (at your choice) 1 day in Folgaria  and 1 in Monte Bondone
  • * 6 DAYS FAB DUAL: 6 days FAB Skipass interchangeable (NO name) between 2 users alternatively (not possible to use simoultaneously).

Together with the skipass you can buy the insurance

CAUTION: starting from winter season 2020/2021, if a multi-day skipass crosses two seasons, its price will follow the price list of the season in which the greatest number of days of skipass validity falls. In case of equal days, the season at the higher price is considered

g2 days986949
g3 days14710374
g4 days18212791
g5 days217152109
g6 days FAB*249174125
g6 days FAB DUAL*299--
g7 days266186133
g8 days296207148
g9 days326228163
g10 days356249178
g11 days383268192
g12 days408286204
g13 days433303217
g14 days456319228
2 days926446
3 days1389769
4 days16811884
5 days200140100
6 days FAB*230161115
6 days FAB DUAL*276--
7 days246172123
8 days274192137
9 days301211151
10 days329230165
11 days354248177
12 days377264189
13 days400280200
14 days421295211
2 days926446
3 days1349467
4 days15210676
5 days17612388
6 days FAB*19813999
6 days FAB DUAL*238--
7 days212148106
8 days236165118
9 days259181130
10 days283198142
11 days305214153
12 days325228163
13 days345242173
14 days362253181
2 days916446
3 days1289064
4 days14610273
5 days16411582
6 days FAB*18012690
6 days FAB DUAL*216--
7 days19313597
8 days214150107
9 days236165118
10 days257180129
11 days277194139
12 days295207148
13 days313219157
14 days329230165


Chose the period you are coming in Paganella and check the price of the skipass


Are you looking for other skipass prices? Check the daily skipass or pedestrian tickets for Paganella


Prices are in

CHILDREN FREE for 1-14 day skipasses

CHILDREN FREE for 1-14 day skipasses

Children born after 30/11/2012, if together a paying adult, can have simultaneously a skipass

  • Paganella (daily or multiday - not hourly and not seasonal/annual pass) or
  • Combi (5 or 6 days - not seasonal/annual)
  • Superskirama (daily or multiday - not seasonal/annual)

of the same type and duration (1 adult =1 free child).

Kids can have a free pass only showing an official certificate of the age, for example ID card, passport or health insurance card, together with the parent's ID card or passport



Junior and children can have reductions on tickets only showing an official certificate of the age, for example ID card, passport or health insurance card, together with the parent's ID card or passport:
- Junior: boys and girls born after 30/11/2004 > reducted price
- Children born after 30/11/2012 > one free per one paying adult (not annual or seasonal) or reducted price

HAPPY WEEK from Jan. 09th to 17th 2021

HAPPY WEEK from Jan. 09th to 17th 2021

In the week from Jan. 09th to 17th 2021 the skipass Paganella FAB 6 days has a HAPPY price:

  • Adult € 180,00
  • Junior € 126,00
  • Child  € 90,00 (free with paying adult)
  • Dual € 216,00


From season opening to Dec. 20th 2020 and from March 13th 2021 to the end of season
Special rates for holiday packages 7 nights in half board + 6 days Paganella Skipass
6 days Paganella (FAB) Skipass included for those who book one week in one of the accomodations supporting this promotion

In the week 29th November -6th December, to enjoy the promotion, skipass has to start from the 29th or 30th November 2020

From March 13th 2021 to the end of season, the promo is available with COMBI skipass too


PAGANELLA FAMILY FESTIVAL: January 09th-17th 2021

PAGANELLA FAMILY FESTIVAL: January 09th-17th 2021

From 9th to 17th January 2021, your winter holiday week with the family

7 nights half-board in a Hotel or overnight stay in apartment hotel for 2 adults and 1 child up to 8 years old (born after 30/11/2012) at the very best prices! Entertainment, shows, activities, with special rates for ski courses and hire; the FAMILY FESTIVAL week includes:
> 7 nights half board in Hotel or overnight stay in apartment hotel for 2 adults and 1 child up to 8 years old
> Activities, games and special events
> Skipass 6 days: Adult € 180,00 - Junior 16 years (born after 30/11/2004) € 70,00 50% discount instead of €139 official price - Child 8 years (born after 30/11/2012) with adult paying, FREE

Caution: the discount for Junior is valid only for customers that book directly to the hotel or apartment partner of the Festival (not valid for booking through Agencies or Tour Operators)

Tel. 0461 585836

10% DISCOUNT on Skipass Jan 30th - Feb. 7th 2021

10% DISCOUNT on Skipass Jan 30th - Feb. 7th 2021

The owners of the Dolomiti Paganella Card, during the week from Jan. 30th to Feb. 7th 2021 will have a special 10% discount on skipass Paganella, FAB and COMBI (no Superskirama) from 4 to 8 days. The discount is available for all skipasses categories (adult, junior and child) and can be obtained showing the Dolomiti Paganella Card when buying the skipass at the cash desks.

In other days of the winter season, no discount with the Dolomiti Paganella Card. The card gives tou discount only on the return ticket for pedestrians.

The Dolomiti Paganella Card replaces the old Andalo Card, Molveno Card, Happy Card and Cavedago Card, but works more or less in the same way. Ask your host for more info



Organized group composed by at least 20 paying people (excluding free kids) can request a discount on daily and multiday skipass.

In order to have the reduction, you need to send a request to Paganella Ski and:

  1. Make a unique payment (when buying, payment with credit card available) of all the skipasses
  2. One person picks up all the skipasses, showing the documents of kids and junior


During special periods or in case of special events, skipass have a discounted price. Discover all skipass offers in Paganella