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Skipass prices for winter 2024/2025 being updated

Come and enjoy your skiing holiday in Paganella by purchasing the Paganella Ski Area points card

Our ski area in Trentino is ideal for beginners and experts. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery, the ski slopes and the most important ski events.

The points cards available are personal and weekly (valid 6 consecutive days from purchase) with 8, 16, 25 or 50 points. With the points card, 6-day insurance can be purchased for €5.00 (no pedestrians).

For beginners, it is also possible to purchase single ride ticket or cumulative tickets of 3/6/9 rides at the ski school areas or 2-hour passes for the beginner areas. Find out more details below.

2023/2024 prices

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Skipass type Intero Online
points 23€ 22€
16 points 43€ 41€
25 points 69€ 66€
50 points 138€ 131€

Frequently Asked Questions

The points card is a personal ski pass that can be used on all lifts in the Paganella Ski Area. The card is valid for 6 consecutive days. In the event of loss, points cards and individual sections CANNOT be re-issued. Remaining points are non-refundable. It can be used by both skiers and pedestrians.

Regardless of whether the user is a skier or a pedestrian, points are deducted:

  • Ski school areas and Beginners Zones:
    • 1 point at the chairlifts of the Ski School Areas: Rindole, Laghet, Teresat (Eskimo)
    • 1 point for each ride on the magic carpet: Dosson and Rolly Marchi
    • 3 points at the magic carpets in beginners areas: Rindole, Laghet (Snow Kid) and Teresat (Pingu)
  • Other lifts:
    • 3 points each route for the Dosson-Selletta gondola
    • 3 to 5 points for the Andalo-Doss Pelà gondola (depending on the route)
    • 2 points for each chairlift route
    • 2 points each route for the Laghet-Prati di Gaggia and Baby Express gondolas
  • Magic carpets passes: personal ski passes valid for 2 hours from the first entry on the tapis roulant of the Rindole, Snow Kid Laghet, Pingu (Prati di Gaggia) and Rolly Marchi (Meriz) beginners areas | €6.00 unique price, only available at the ticket office.  Insurance can be purchased together with the ticket at €0,50
  • Cumulative 3/6/9 lift cards: one-way tickets for beginner skiers valid for the chairlift of a specific School Camp (Rindole, Laghet, Teresat/Eskimo) or for Baby Express. The tickets are valid until the end of the season, the card can only be purchased at the ski school area ticket office and the card is not personal | The prices are for Ski School Areas: 3 rides €7.50; 6 rides €15.00; 9 rides €22.50 | for baby Express: 3 rides €12.00; 6 rides €24.00; 9 rides €36.00. Insurance can be purchased together with the ticket: 3 rides €1.00; 6 rides €2.00; 9 rides €3.00

Junior born after 30/04/2008

Beginners can also purchase the following single-trip tickets for lifts that access school camps or blue pistes:

  • Chairlift ski school Rindole or Teresat or Laghet 2,50€
  • Chairlift campo scuola Meriz 4,00€ (Junior 3,00€)
  • Gondola Andalo-Dosson 7,00€ (Junior 5,00€)
  • Gondola Baby Express 4,00€
  • Chairlift S. Antonio 5,50€
  • Chairlift Salare Conca 5,50€

Junior born after 30/04/2008

Skiers' insurance can be purchased together with the individual lift for €0.50

See other prices for pedestrians

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