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Snowpark Dosson

Fun for snowboarders and freestylers



For those who want to test their skills as a freestyler and try an adrenaline rush, Paganella Ski, in cooperation with SlopeDesign, offers the Dosson Snowpark, easily accessible by the 8 seats gondola Andalo - Doss Pela. Tha park has a reserved tapis roulant (100m) and 10 structures. It is divided into 2 areas:

  • EASY with a little fun slope for kids, a jump and two boxes for beginners
  • EXPERT with a jump, 3 rails and a pyramid box

The strategic location, close to the new restaurant Dosson, is a perfect location to get together with friends and to relax on the mountain.

Stay tuned on the Dosson Park Facebook Page!