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Bikepark Andalo, Fai della Paganella, Molveno

Prices of the single bikeparks in Paganella

Single bike park tickets costs in Paganella

Have fun on our trails!

Where do you want to go?

Bike park zone passes are available per area:

  • Andalo: Andalo-Doss Pelà and Laghet-Gaggia Cable Cars + chairlifts Albi-Cima and Paganella
  • Fai: Santel-Meriz Chairlift
  • Molveno: Molveno-Pradel Cabla Car and Pradel-Tovre Chairlift


Remember that you can buy the insurance together with the bikepass

If you are looking for single tickets, check the pedestrian price lists

Check opening day and timetables of the Paganella's lifts and the trail's list

Prices are in € | The correctness of the data can not be guaranteed

4 hours Bike Park Fai Zone29201526
1 day Bike Park Fai Zone33231729
4 hours Bike Park Andalo Zone29201526
1 day Bike Park Andalo Zone35251831
4 hours Bike Park Molveno Zone29201526
1 day Bike Park Molveno Zone33231729


Free use of lifts for owners of Seasonal Dolomiti Paganella or Superskirama 2022



Children born after 01/01/2014, if together a paying adult, can have simultaneously a Bikepark ticket (4 hours or daily) or a Bikepass (4 hours, daily or multiday - not seasonal) of the same type and duration (1 adult =1 free child)

Kids can have a free pass only showing an official certificate of the age, for example ID card, passport or health insurance card, together with the parent's ID card or passport



Junior and children can have reductions on tickets only showing an official certificate of the age, for example ID card, passport or health insurance card, together with the parent's ID card or passport:
- Junior: boys and girls born after 01/01/2006 > reducted price
- Children born after 01/01/2014 > one free per one paying adult (not seasonal) or reducted price



Showing the card, have a reduced price:

  • Dolomiti Paganella Bike Hotels' guests (except seasonal pass)


Who furnish officially proof of a disability greater or equal than 20%, have a discount on all tickets (except points tickets and zone trek passes):

  • Disability <20% = no discount
  • Disability >=20% but <50% = 25% discount
  • Disability >= 50% = 50% discount

Only accompanying person of 100% disabled that receives carer's allowance will have a 50% discount on the same ticket of the disabled person (except seasonal/annual skipass/bikepass ).  All other accompanying people pay full price.

NB: These special discounts are not combinable with other promotions/discounts

Discount is applied on the category price of the buyer (Adult, Junior, Child), starting from the official list full price.