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Ski safely with the Green Pass! Insert your skipass number and associate your EUDCC, scanning or uploading it from your smartphone of from you PC (as image, screenshot or PDF)

Alternatively to the online process, you can use the Pick Up Box which you find at the start of the lifts. This association works for all EUDCC holders with vaccination or recovery (not from test). There are some peculiarities… read following FAQs

Do you have a non-EU Covid Certificate or a vaccination exemption?

Go to the ticket office and check it with the staff

Are you a non-Italian citizen and you had injection more than 180 days ago or you have a non EMA-approved vaccine?

Non-Italian citizens that are vaccinated with a non-EMA vaccine or that have a more-than-180-days-old vaccination (but less than 270 or 360 days) can access the lifts showing, in addition to the vaccination certificate, a negative test (rapid valid 48h, PCR valid 72h).

Still not 12 years old?
  • If you have a Child 0-8 or a Junior 8-12 years old ticket, go directly to the lift (Green pass check not necessary)
    • If your 12th birthday happens during the skipass validity, buy a Junior 12-16 skipass and unlock it every day like 12+ years old people
Do you want to buy pedestrian ticket?
  • If you go to the ticket office, show your EUDCC when you buy it
  • If you buy online, activate your ticket with the EUDCC on the online portal (no pick up box, no ticket office)
Do you buy or pick up the skipass in your hotel?
  • 12+ years old: activate your skipass using one of the above listed methods, as usual
  • 0-12 years old: skipass is already active; show your ID card to the host when you buy/pick up your ticket and go directly to the lift
Are you in a group?

Follow the instruction given by the staff at the ticket office

You do not find the ticket codes?
  • Serial number is composed by 3+3+5 digits and the first number is 171; you find it on the front side of the Skipass/pedestrian ticket. If you have an online purchased pedestrian ticket, the serial number is at the bottom left. If you have bought online a Skipass, you need to print it before having the serial number: you can not find it on the voucher received via e-mail

  • WTP number, made by 8+3+3 characters, is on the back side of most cards

  • Alternative number, you insert under “other”, it is a longer code you find on the back side of the cards, in case you can not read the serial or WTP number

Association does not work?


  • To have the skipass (not a pedestrian ticket)
  • You insert the correct card/pass number
  • That Covid Certification data match the tickets data
  • That you are trying for a valid day and after 0.01am of the day you want to use it
  • If you are uploading an image or a screenshot from the device, check that it has a good quality in jpg/png format
  • If you are scanning the Green Pass from your browser, cam can have problems focussing the code: move the QR slowly up and down or take a picture of the code and uploadt it from the gallery
  • That Green Pass is valid, scanning it with the “Verifica C-19” app, type “Verifica Rafforzata”
Can I activate the skipass the day before for next day?

No, due to privacy policy, activation must be done the same day you use the skipass (starting from 1 minute after midnight)

Why do you need to associate the certification every day?

Privacy law does not allow us neither to know the expiring date of the Certification nor the storing of the Certification. Control of Green Pass is made real time, respecting privacy