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Trekking and hiking in Paganella

Easy stroll with kids or a demanding hike?

Hiking in the mountains

Choose the most suitable trek for you

Hiking guided tours
Let's Discover Cima Paganella

Let's Discover Cima Paganella


Cima Paganella at 2,125 metres, for a 360° view of Trentino and the Brenta Dolomites - a Unesco heritage site. During the morning, descriptions and historical notes will be narrated by the territory guide Ivo Mottes. This will be followed by a visit to the Rifugio La Roda and the 'kiosk of high mountain delicacies' where Gigi and his family will tell you about the philosophy behind the typical products they create at 2125 metres, and where you can also buy a delicious souvenir!

On Thursdays

The Terrace on Lake Molveno

The Terrace on Lake Molveno


A walk in one of the most suggestive places of the Paganella Plateau. Walking through spruce forests we will enjoy the breathtaking view of Lake Molveno. During the walk the mountain guide will tell us about the nature that surrounds us, the wild animals that live in these environments and the wild herbs most used in cooking and personal care.

On Tuesdays

The Biodiversity of the Mountain

The Biodiversity of the Mountain


Guided by a local guide, we will follow the road from Dosson to Prati di Gaggia to discover the flora, fauna and biodiversity of the mountains.

On Fridays