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Trekking and hiking in Paganella

Walking is hard but healthy

Hiking in the mountains

Choose the most suitable trek for you

If for you mountain means hiking in the nature, Altopiano della Paganella is a perfect place for you. In the Paganella area you can stroll, walk, hike and trek, choosing among easy walk, mid-difficult trek and long and difficult hike in the Brenta Dolomites. Paganella offers many easy strolls for kids and families and hard treks for more good-shaped mountain lovers. Different difficulty levels, but only a word that can describe the whole hiking trails in Paganella: breath-taking view. From the top (2125m above the sea level), Paganella offers a magnificent view on the whole Trentino area, especially on the Garda Lake and on the Brenta Dolomites. If Paganella's hiking paths are not enough for you, discover more trekking trail on the whole Altopiano della Paganella or in the Brenta Dolomites