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Sales terms

Skipass Paganella rules

Terms of sales

Skipass and bikepass terms and conditions

Updated on Oct 10th 2021


Important things to know before you buy a ticket

The purchase and consequent holding of a ticket implies full knowledge and acceptance of the terms of sale


The duration of the season for the seasonal pass is 60 days (even not continous) or 80 for Superskirama tickets

  • Purchased ticket are NEVER refundable, except these specific cases:
    • the customer or a family member of same (included in the family status) tests positive for the SARS-CoV-2 virus and isolation or quarantine is enforced for the customer or one of the family members
    • 1) the region of Italy or the foreign nation in which the customer is resident is closed before the first day of TICKET validity or 2) the customer has already used the TICKET and, due to the closure of the region or nation is obliged by the relevant bodies to return to his/her residence or 3) the closure of the Province of Trento is closed or all of the ski lifts are closed due to the SARS-CoV-2 virus
    • cancellation, in writing, sent by e-mail to no later than 6pm of the seventh day before the first validity day of the TICKET itself. After that date, unused TICKET can be refunded only in case of showing, before the end of the relative season, a medical certificate that proves the impossibility of use the service, caused by illness or injury.
    • a skier, that has bought the AIG SnowProblem insurance policy together with the skipass (3 days or more), has an injury on the slopes

When picking up the ticket, the customer must check that it corresponds with his/her request. After buying, the ticket can not be neither modified nor refunded

  • The customer must keep the ticket in a good condition. Anyone who loses their ticket or whose ticket is damaged, has no right for a refund of the deposit (€5) if provided
  • Lost tickets can be issued again only if they are traceable. The cost of the new issuning is €10 (+ €5 of deposit). This amount cannot be refunded in case of finding of the original ticket. Hourly and points tickets, trek pass and one way/return tickets can not be issued again in case of loss

The ticket can not be given to another person. In case of a ticket transfer to third party (even if temporary), the ticket will be immediately confiscated. Control systems are active for all types of TICKET.

In case of breach of Art. 30 ter “Skiers’ Conduct” of the Regulation for execution of provincial law no. 7 of 21 April 1987, and subsequent amendments, or of the Bike Park rules, ticket may be withdrawn.


Purchasing a lift ticket, the user is conscious and well informed about health conditions of him/her self and relative parents or people composing the family unit (meant as people sharing with the user hotel’s room, flat, car, etc..). On the contrary, the user will commit to don’t use the lift and eventually alert the staff, according to procedures, about the appearance of symptoms. It’s forbidden getting on the lifts with body temperature higher than 37.5°C