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Sales terms

Skipass Paganella rules

Terms of sales

Skipass and bikepass terms and conditions

  1. The opening times of the ski lifts and slopes is established by the management, and the price of the Skipass/Bikepass does not depend on the number of ski lifts and slopes open to the public.
  2. The Consorzio Skipass Paganella Dolomiti is not responsible, and therefore no refund will be due, in the case in which, due to circumstances beyond our control (ex. strong wind, no snow, unforeseen technical problems, sudden and unexpected blackout) or during competitions, some ski lifts or slopes are closed.
  3. Likewise, we are in no way responsible if the passenger has to pay travelling expenses to return to the station of departure because the ski lifts closed before or in respect of the opening and closing times.
  4. The purchase and consequent holding of Skipass/Bikepass implies full knowledge and acceptance of the regulations concerning transportation and the terms of sale. The user is aware of the difficulties of the tracks/slopes indicated on the spot and on the website; the user has to face the tracks/slopes according to the appropriate level of preparation and expertise as well as with the tools and equipment required by the difficulties of the tracks/slopes.
  5. The Skipass/Bikepass is embossed with a code indicating that the holder is MASCHIO (Male), FEMMINA (Female), ADULTO (Adult), JUNIOR (Junior), BAMBINO (Child) or bears the photo and personal data of the holder.
  6. The Skipass/Bikepass is a personal document: it cannot be given to another person, transferred, replaced or modified. Any illicit use of the Skipass/Bikepass and in particular the transfer of the same, even in the case of a simple and/or temporary exchange, will result in the immediate confiscation of the Skipass/Bikepass and the cancellation of the same, and in the case of repeated infringement and/or in particular serious cases, the issuer reserves the right to take criminal and civil legal action against offenders. In the case of repeated infringement or particular serious breach of the regulations, anyone using a Skipass/Bikepass of which they are not the holder will be reported to the authorities by Consorzio Skipass Paganella Dolomiti for fraud.
  7. In case of violation of art. 30 ter of the executive regulation of L.p. 21 April 1987 n. 7 and next modification, the Skipass/Bikepass can be withdrawn by the authorized supervisor.
  8. The staff of the Ski lift companies and the Consorzio Skipass Paganella Dolomiti are authorised to ask the holder for their personal ID at any time. Also to view the photographs on the monitors positioned at all the plant departures (reported by the Skipass/Bikepass and by the cameras placed at the entrance gates).
  9. Once the Skipass/Bikepass has been issued, it cannot be refunded under any circumstances. Even in the event of illness, accident or bad weather. We recommend reading the insurance certificate for more information and explanations. Insurance may be purchased in our ticket office.
  10. All tickets, one-way tickets and points cards are only valid until the end of the winter season in which they were issued. The acceptance of the Seasonal/Annual Skipass/Bikepass is guaranteed until the end of the winter season.
  11. The Adult, Junior and Children’s Skipass/Bikepass are only issued on presentation of a valid ID document or fiscal code with a recent passport photo. No self-certification declarations will be accepted.
  12. Children who are not accompanied by an adult are only allowed on the chair lifts if they are over 125 cm tall. Children under 125 cm, must produce proof that they are at least 8 years old to use the chair lifts alone (Ministerial Decree: 10.04.84); by purchasing or on acceptance of a children’s Skipass/Bikepass, the signer accepts and assumes all responsibility concerning the use of the ski lifts and slopes by the minor, who will use the same under the direct surveillance of the signer, who declares and signs that they have full knowledge of the terms of sale.
  13. It is not allowed to carry animals, sleds and ski-bobs on the lifts. It is not possible the uphill of the slopes with skis.
  14. The Skipass/Bikepass, is a transport document valid also as a fiscal receipt and must therefore be kept for the entire duration of the journey. The customer must keep the Skipass/Bikepass in a good condition, and therefore anyone who loses their Skipass/Bikepass or whose pass is damaged has no right to any refund of the deposit (€ 5,00) or a replacement Skipass/Bikepass.
  15. If you lose your Seasonal/Annual Skipass/Bikepass you should immediately report the loss to the Consorzio Skipass Paganella Dolomiti; the Skipass/Bikepass will be cancelled and blocked. The new pass costs € 20,00, plus the deposit.
  16. Seasonal/Annual Skipass/Bikepass cannot be refunded for any reason. In any case we recommend reading the insurance certificate for more information and explanations. Insurance may be purchased in our ticket office.
  17. PRIVACY STATEMENT (Legislative Decree 679/2016). Article 13 of Legislative Decree 679/2016 (“Privacy Act”). The data controller is Consorzio Skipass Paganella Dolomiti. Your personal data are processed for purposes related to the management of the commercial or internal statistics. Your data may be communicated with the use of the transit document. Your data will not be disseminated or transferred to a non-EU country or international organization. Your data will be kept for the time strictly necessary to achieve the purpose pursued, in compliance with other civil and tax regulations. For the exercise of his rights as for articles 15 and ss. You can contact the data controller at the addresses indicated above. You can obtain complete information by contacting our central office CONSORZIO SKIPASS PAGANELLA DOLOMITI Piazzale Paganella, 4 - 38010 ANDALO (TN) Tel 0461/585588 Fax 0461/585324 - e-mail