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Ask for groups special prices of skipass

Skipass discount for groups > 20 people

Special discounts on groups skipass

For a precise quotation of the skipass price, we need to know exactly when you will come here and how many days you will ski, how many adults, junior and kids that ski.

For any other extra request, pleas fill the "note" field. Important: insert the day of first use of the skipass and the (consecutive) days you will ski, NOT the date of arrival and check out of the hotel.

NB: we do NOT answer to requests about equipment rent or ski/snowboard lessons. For that, please contact our ski rent or ski schools partners

* 6 DAYS FAB: 6 days skipass valid in the Paganella ski resort, including 1 day in Folgaria ski and 1 in Monte Bondone

* 6 DAYS FAB DUAL: 6 days FAB Skipass interchangeable (NO name) between 2 users alternatively (not possible to use simoultaneously)

In highest season (Christmas and New Year's Time) groups discount are not valid. Only 1 free person every 20 paying.

Ask for a quotation for groups bigger than 20 people

Skipass days
First day of skipass use

Group composition

Adults number

born before 30/04/2006

Junior Number

born after 30/04/2006

Children Number

born after 30/04/2014

Caution: instert the total number of the children, we will calculate how many of them can ski for free with the paying adult. Free kids are NOT calculate for the total number of people for groups discounts.
Plase let us know if you are interested also into:
Name and surname

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