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Paganella Ski snow report

How is the snow in Paganella?

Snow Conditions

Altopiano della Paganella

Snow on slopes (town)

5 cm
Snow on slopes (top)

20 cm
Snow Conditions: Soft

Latest snowfall: 02.12.2020
Fresh snow (mountain)
20 cm

Fresh snow (town)
5 cm
Snow off piste 1800m
15 cm

Fresh snow 1800m
15 cm

More info onĀ avalanche danger scale


Visibility: poor (fog or low clouds)
Min.Temp: -0.5°C
Max.Temp: 0.3°C
Freezing level: 1200 mt slm
Wind: direzione SSE
(light breeze)
Precipit.: 3.9 cm.