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Ski Mountaineering in Paganella

Lot of opportunities for skialpers

Ski Mountaineering

Skialp in Paganella

When lifts are closed, no skiing activities are permitted in the ski area, ski mountaneering included | Update 11/03/2020

It is forbidden to ski mountaineering and off-piste skiing of Fai della Paganella and Terre d'Adige. Updated 24/12/2019

Ski mountaineering is a sport that is becoming increasingly popular and many people are practicing it, for this reason Paganella Ski decided to favor him by allowing some tracks dedicated to it.

CAUTION: In every night-ski mountaineering, skiers must use frontal light and use the right side of the slope.

Tre Tre

TRE-TRE is a path entirely dedicated to the lovers of ski touring and snowshoeingwhich allows you to go up in altitude in the tranquility of the forest. The path was created in the footsteps of the historic track Tre- Tre inaugurated by Rolly Marchi and on which he competed and won Zeno Colò. The track starts from Santel Fai m1.038 and comes to Selletta m 1.985. The path has NOT an artifical snow maker. Please check snow bulletins every day and use the suitable equipment for self-rescue.

Caution: the track is not covered by artificial snow. Track is open with natural snow starting from 1.500m. From 29/12/2019 the track is different: near Malga Zambana, it reaches the new slope Jana Granda; from that point, it is possibile to ski uphill staying on the left side of the slope, to La Selletta. Update 24/01/2020

CLOSED | Update 11/03/2020

Rocca-Dosso Larici

Starting from Santel Parking in Fai della Paganella, on LA ROCCA slope (A) and on a part of DOSSO LARICI slope (C), up to Dosso Larici hut, is allowed to ski mountaineering only on MONDAY and THURSDAY evenings, from when the lifts are closing until 9pm. Is not allowed to switch to other slopes.

CLOSED | Update 11/03/2020

Olimpionica I

From Andalo, first on return slope (K) (500m), then turning on OLIMPIONICA I (I) slope up to Dosson hut, is allowed to ski mountaineering only on TUESDAY and FRIDAY evenings from 7.30pm to 10.30pm (during night skiing).

CAUTION: Olimpionica I (I) slope is NOT illuminated. Ski mountaineering on Cacciatori I (L) slope is forbidden.

CLOSED | Update 11/03/2020


Mappa Piste Paganella Ski 2020 con nuova pista e nuovo impianto Dosson Selletta