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Barrier-free skiing in Paganella

Ski and snowboard for all

Ski and snowboard for all in Paganella

Everyone can have fun on our slopes

Accessibility of lifts

Generally, all lifts are accessible with special equipment for disabled skiers and snowboarders, only if they are compatible, for shape and dimension, with the cabins/chairlifts. For people that use equipment that identifies the passenger as "pedestrian", you can access only the lifts that are allowed to transport pedestrians.

Lifts that are accessible wheelchair are:

  1. Gondola Andalo - Doss Pelà (pedestrians and skiers)
  2. Gondola Laghet - Prati di Gaggia (pedestrians and skiers)
  3. Gondola Dosson - Selletta (no pedestrians, only skiers)

It is important to inform the lifts staff in case of special needs, in order to evaluate the situation and the need of collaboration.

Discounts on skipass for disabled

To have the discount on skipass (or return tickets) for disabled or invalid people, you must show official proof that guarantees the percentage of invalidity.

Discounts depends on the percentage.

See discounts for disabled and invalids

Ski schools for all

In Dolomiti Paganella, each of the 7 ski and snowboard schools has one or more specialized instructors for disabled (physically, sensorial, psychic). Specialized instructors that teach in Paganella are about 20 on 200.

Teaching equipment at disposal to ski and snowboarding schools for lessons with both adults and kids are:

  • 2 B.A.S.S., one for adults and one for children
  • 1 Dual Sci
  • 1 Mono Sci
  • Other equipment

Ski Schools organize ski, snowboard and cross-country ski lessons for disabled and other snow-related activities. Some organizations offer summes activities too. Instructors take care not only of medical needs, but of relational aspects too (especially working with specialized associations). 

See the list of specialized ski schools


For info on special-needs accomodation, please contact PAGANELLA DOLOMITI BOOKING

info@paganella.net or +39 0461 58 52 98


Check the events page