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Paganella Promotions


6-days skipass is special! It's called FAB and allows you to ski in Paganella, including 1 days in Folgaria and 1 day in Monte Bondone. You can stay 6 days in Paganella, or 4 days in Paganella and 1 day in Folgaria and/or 1 in Bondone . CAUTION: Folgaria and Bondone are not linked by ski to Paganella. Better to have the car.

The annual skipass Paganella is FAB too! With the annuale skipass (formerly: seasonal) you can go 3 times to Folgaria or Bondone during a winter season.

What is the difference between FAB and COMBI?

The FAB skipass includes the days out in Folgaria or Bondone for free (a 6 days or an annual skipass without days out does not exist). The days out are only in those specific places.

The COMBI skipass, weekly or annual, has a surcharge for the days out (less than buying a separate daily skipass in the other place) and they can be made in all Skirama areas.