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Points Card Paganella and tickets for beginners

Prices of tickets may be subject to changes in the event of fiscal, monetary, economic or social interventions, as well as in the event of a change in the transport capacity issued by Authorities or by regulations (art. 35 terms of sales)

Prices and types of points ticket Paganella winter 2022/2023

Weekly points cards (6 days from purchase):

  • 16 points 37,00€
  • 25 points 59,00€
  • 50 points 117,00€

Get a discount buying online

Weekly points cards (6 days from purchase): buying online a points card you get 5% discount, so you pay:

  • 16 points 35,00€
  • 25 points 56,00€
  • 50 points 111,00€

Discount is applied also if you buy the pass in an hotel in which it is possible to buy it (OPOS).

Buy online now

Together with weekly points you can buy the insurance (no pedestrians) for €5,00

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What are ponits card?

Points card are not personal skipasses you can use on all Paganella Ski lifs. Points are valid only for a week (6 continuous days). In case of lost, points skipasses and pedestrian tickets can NOT be re-issued. The unused points are not refundable.

Use of points on the lifts

For pedestrian and skiers, every way of the lift is:

  • 2 point every way on chairlifts
  • 1 point on Chairlifts Ski School Areas: Rindole, Laghet, Teresat
  • 1 point on Tapis Roulant: Teresat, Laghet, Dosson e Rolly Marchi
  • For gondolas, every way:
    • 2 points Laghet-Prati di Gaggia
    • 3 points Dosson-Selletta
    • From 3 to 5 point on Andalo-Doss Pelà (depending on the path)
Other beginners tickets

Beginners can buy single tickets too; for lifts that lead to ski school areas or blue slopes:

  • Chairlift Ski School Area Rindole 2,00€ (Junior 1,50€)
  • Chairlift Ski School Area Meriz 3,50€ (Junior 2,50€)
  • Andalo - Dosson 8,50€ (Junior 6,00€)
  • Chairlift Ski School Area Teresat or Laghet-Doss 2,10€
  • Chairlift S. Antonio 4,00€
  • Chairlift Salare Conca 3,70€

See other prices for return ticket for pedestrians