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Pedestrian Tickets - Return Cards


Prices of tickets may be subject to changes in the event of fiscal, monetary, economic or social interventions, as well as in the event of a change in the transport capacity issued by Authorities or by regulations (art. 35 terms of sales)

Not skiing? You can go up to Paganella with the ski lifts. You can enjoy the panoramas and the mountain huts without ski!

  • Starting from Andalo, via Rindole, you can go to the top of Paganella, to Dosson or Doss Pelà
  • Starting from Andalo-Laghet, you can go to Prati di Gaggia or to Paganella 2
  • From Fai della Paganella Santel, you can go to Meriz mountain hut

The correctness of the data can not be guaranteed - Prices are in 


Cima Paganella return ticket20,0014,0017,009+2**
Andalo-Cima Paganella one-way ticket13,009,0011,005+2**
Cima Paganella-Andalo one-way ticket13,009,0011,004
Return ticket Andalo-Doss Pelà (or Dosson)13,009,0011,009+2**
One way Andalo-Doss Pelà (or Dosson)8,005,507,003+2**
One way Doss Pelà-Andalo8,005,507,004
One way Dosson-Andalo8,005,507,006
Santel-Meriz or Albi-Cima return ticket8,005,507,004
Santel-Meriz or Albi-Cima one-way ticket5,003,504,002
Cabin Pass Andalo - Doss Pelà*41-35-
Santel Pass Santel - Meriz*26-23-


Are you interested in the points card? Pedestrians can use them too, check the prices

Pedestrians are allowed only on 1, 2 and 12 lifts (Andalo - Doss Pelà, Albi - Cima and Santel - Meriz)

* Cabin Pass and Santel Pass: trek passes, personal tickets for pedestrians that allow to use 4 times (go and return) in 6 days only on the chosen lift (either Andalo - Doss Pelà or Santel Meriz)

**2 points deducted only in case of a stop also at the Dosson Intermediate station

Laghet - Paganella 2 return ticket15,5011,0015,008
Laghet-Paganella 2 one-way ticket9,00-- 4
Laghet-Prati di Gaggia Gondola return ticket10,007,009,504
Laghet-Prati di Gaggia Gondola one-way ticket6,00--2
Paganella 2 chair lift return ticket9,006,508,504
Paganella 2 chair lift one-way ticket5,00--2
Cabin Pass Laghet - Gaggia*33 -31-


Are you interested in the points card? Pedestrians can use them too, check the prices

Pedestrians are allowed only on 7 and 9 lifts (Laghet-Gaggia e Paganella 2)

* Cabin Pass: trek pass personal ticket for pedestrians that allows to use 4 times (go and return) in 6 days lifts indicated (Laghet-Gaggia)



Children born after 30/04/2014, if they don't ski, can use the lift for free without using the ticket.

Kids needs to keep with them an official certificate of the age, for example ID card, passport or health insurance card.




Junior and children can have reductions on tickets only showing an official certificate of the age, for example ID card, passport or health insurance card, together with the parent's ID card or passport:

  • Junior: boys and girls born after 30/04/2006 > reducted price
  • Children born after 30/04/2014 > one free per one paying adult (not annual/seasonal, no hourly) or reducted price


  • Dolomiti Paganella Guest Card owners