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Skip the line at the ticket offices: buy online and print the skipass at the pick up box

How to skip the line at the Paganella ticket offices? It's easy! Buy the ticket online and pick it up at the pick up box. You find it at the start of the Andalo - Doss Pelà gondola.

What is the pick up box? It's a self-checkout machine where you can print your skipass after you have bought it online.

How can you skip the line? Follow these easy steps:

  1. Buy your ticket online, choosing the skipass you need
  2. Go to the star of the Andalo-Doss Pelà gondola
  3. Scan the voucher from your smartphone (better if you print it)
  4. Enjoy you ski day in the Paganella Skiarea!

Didn't you buy your skipass online? No problem, buy it on the go! Scan the QR code at the pick up box and buy it when you are there!