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Paganella News


The most breathless bench for a break before the end of the Ferrata delle Aquile and a new bypass "Flapping of Wings"

The new bypass is ready: "Flapping of Wings"! Some adrenalic segments, only for experts. Short but difficult, the bypass is placed between the 2 bridges (it allows you to shorten the track in case of crowding) and arrives on the normal track, at the new panoramic bench at Doss de la Marenda. Very particular is the passage with the "Pendulum", a real eagle's fly. 

To do the "Pendulum" and the new bypass you need to fix the two carabiners at the ring of the cable, hand and swing some times to reach the other side of the fixed rope (on the left); than go on climbing up. CAUTION: once you leave the pendulum, it is no more possible to go back. The next steps requires strength and experience!

Bread and adrenaline, the best way to enjoy the new bench along the Ferrata delle Aquile in Paganella. A break before the last segment of the via ferrata, with a breathless view on Trento and the Garda Lake.

But now it's your turn! Share with us your adventures in Paganella tagging @paganellaski on the social media.

Works are made by Orbari company from San Lorenzo (TN) with Elio Orlandi, based on the idea of Franco Gionco.