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The next winter season the new gondola Dosson-Selletta and the new 2km red slope will open in Paganella

Next winter, Paganella Ski will have a new gondola starting from Pian del Dosson (near the mid-station of Andalo – Doss Pelà cable car) and arriving to La Selletta at 1.980 meters above sea level. There will be a new slope of 2 km covered 100% with artificial snow as all Paganella Ski Area.

🚠 New Dosson - Selletta gondola

🧑 Capacity: 10 pax
⏱️ 2.400/3.600 people per hour
📏 Length 1,6 km
🏞️ Bottom station elevation 1.470m a.s.l.
⛰️ Upper station elevation 1.980m a.s.l.

🎿 New Selletta - Dosson slope
🔴 Difficulty: red
📏 Length 2km
📐 45 meters wide
⛰️ Difference in height 500m
🗺️ Skiing area 90.000 m2
⛷️ Average dip 26% - max dip 43%

In order to join the new slope to the existing tracks, two new small connections will be prepared. The first one, 400 meters long, will connect Malga Zambana mountain hut to the new Dosson-Selletta slope. The second one, 200m long, will enable skiers to reach the new slope from the start of the Albi de Mez – Cima Paganella chairlift.

This project will guarantee a faster connection between Andalo and Fai della Paganella side, safer transportation, especially for children, and will reduce the density of traffic by the mid station of Andalo-Doss Pelà gondola.

Thanks to this project, Paganella Ski will increase of 10% the ski area and at the same time all connections will be faster reaching 30,000 people per hour.

The bottom station of the new gondola near Dosson mountain hut will be built in harmony with nature, respecting the environment and the existing structures in shape, colours and materials. Natural wood will be used for the external cover and Brenta Dolomites skyline will be represented on it.

 The old 2-seater chairlift Malga Zambana - La Selletta will be replaced by the new lift and its upper station will end near the old chairlift stop.

 The project is realized by Paganella 2001 S.p.A. which owns 8 of the 14 lifts in the Paganella ski area.


The project of the bottom station of the new cable car, near Dosson mountain hut

The rendering of the works


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