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Snowboard instructors can now rely on the BASS, a new tool to help disable people to snowboard

15 snowboard instructors from all Trentino, including Paganella, have learned how to use the BASS (Borney Adapted Snowboard System) in order to let people with strong disabilities to snowboard on the slopes.

What is the bass? A video of the use of BASS

Andrea Borney, the inventor of the BASS, taught to the specialized snowboard instructor how to manage a disabled person who desires to "surf" on the snow. The BASS is a way to include more and more people to the mountain passion.

Andrea Borney insegna ai maestri di snowboard l'utilizzo del BASS in Paganella, Andalo, Trentino, Italia

The course day, organized by Tina Stolcis and Silvia Bresciani from the Scuola di Sci Olimpica of Andalo, allows the skiarea Paganella to increase its services for disabled people.Today there are about 30 specialized ski and snowboard instructors for teaching to disabled people, almost 20% of the total amount of the ski instructor in the skiarea Paganella.

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