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Insurance on bikepass and skipass

Not for pedestrians

Buy the insurance together with the bikepass

2,50€ per person per day

Together with the bikepass you can buy the insurance policy AIG sNOwPROBLEM

Daily insurance

If you buy a hourly, daily or multiday bikepass, you can buy together the insurance that covers damage to third (things and people), legal protection and medical expenses refund for first aid. If you buy a multiday bikepass starting from 3 days, the insurance refunds you, only in case of injury, the part of bikepass, lessons and equipment rent you didn't use.

It costs 2,50€ per day per person and it is bounded to the bikepass or to the one way ticket (with bike trasportation fee). Insurance policy is personal.

The insurance can not be buy with the one way or return tickets for pedestrians (non-bikers).

Learn more on AIG sNOw problem insurance policy for daily bikepasses: download the information booklet