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Buy skipass online

Sales of ski passes will open soon

How to buy a skipass online?

Buying the skipass online let you skip the line at the ticket office. Choose the day you want to ski and the skipass type. Buy with credit card or PayPal and get an e-mail with the voucher you reedeem at the PICK UP BOX, the automatic ticketer you find at every lift start which prints you skipass for free (or go to the ticket office). Easy, isn't it? 

How to choose the right skipass for you



How long do you want to stay on the slopes?

Choose the first day you use the skipass and look for the pass duration you need: hours, a day, 2-14 continuously days, night pass. Alternatively, you can buy the points card or the pedestrian ticket.

Do you want to ski only in Paganella or in other zones too?

CAUTION: Paganella is NOT linked by ski with other Skirama areas. Better to have the car. First use of the pass must be in Paganella.

  • Paganella: all skipasses allow you to ski on all slopes of Paganella Ski, among 50km slopes of Andalo and Fai della Paganella
  • FAB: 6 days skipass is special, it allows you to ski in Paganella and includes (at your choice) 1 day in Folgaria  and 1 in Monte Bondone. You can also stay 6 days in Paganella without going out
  • COMBI: it allows you to ski in Paganella and includes also 1 day in one of the Skirama areas (Folgarida/Marileva, Madonna di Campiglio, Pinzolo, Passo Tonale, Pejo, Monte Bondone and Alpe Cimbra)
  • Superskirama: it allows you to ski in Paganella and in all other Skirama areas (Folgarida/Marileva, Madonna di Campiglio, Pinzolo, Passo Tonale, Pejo, Monte Bondone and Alpe Cimbra)
Are you a family?
  • Children born after 30/11/2013, if together a paying adult, can have simultaneously a daily or a multiday skipass for free together with the adult's paid skipass (no hourly passes and point card)
  • I fyou want to buy hourly skipass for children, you can buy it at a discounted price (not for free).If the child skies with an adult, it is more cheap to buy a daily ticket adult + free child (instead of two hourly skipasses for adult and child)

  • Are you a couple with kids staying a week in Paganella? Choose the 6 days FAB DUAL pass. It is an interchangeable (NO name) skipass between 2 users alternatively (not possible to use simoultaneously). For example, one day a parent goes skiing and the other stays home with kids. Every pass can have only one free child skipass
Other useful info for online purchase
  • Choose correctly MALE or FEMALE card for 3-7 days skipasses
  • If a multi-day skipass crosses two seasons, its price will follow the price list of the season in which the greatest number of days of skipass validity falls. In case of equal days, the season at the higher price is considered.
  • Sometimes online you can not find special promotions (special weeks, start or end of season). Before buying, check promotions section, homepage or call +39 0461 585588
Payment methods

Nexi system is responsible for security. You can pay by:

 Credit card