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Baby Care Centers in Paganella

For kids

Baby Care Centers

TBC 22/23

The Paganella plateau offers many services for families and parents who want to ski in peace, you can leave their children with qualified assistants in suitable facilities:

  • The new kindergarten: "BIANCANEVE, KINDERHEIM" is located near the ski lift "Funivie Valle Bianca".
    Opening hours: from Monday to Sunday from 8.00 - 17:00
    The nursery can accommodate children aged from 0 to 4 years. There is a baby-park service where you can leave for a few hours the child to the nursery. SPECIAL WEEKLY PACKAGES are also organized specifically designed for the tourist requirementsThe structure is built on two floors, ground floor area of reception, the room for rest and sanitation, the upper floor a large room dedicated to the game and equipped with tables used for lunch but also for the different activities . Every corner-game is designed and structured according to the age of children: a soft corner for babies, with soft carpets and various toys, while the angle for manipulative activities (salt dough, painting, pouring ...), the game symbolic and psychomotor activities for older babies. MORE INFO AND BOOKING: 
     +39 0461 1787280
  • CLOSED FOR WINTER 21/22 The new kindergarten "PINOCCHIO", located in the RINDOLE area, near the Rindole school camp