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Agility Dog Prati di Gaggia

Dog s fun park

Have fun with your dog

Mountain Dog's Fun Park


What is Agility Dog?

Agility Dog is a fun park for dogs in the nature. Entrance is free, the dog is free to run in the area, under supervision of its master.

Which games are there in the Agility Dog?


  • Slalom
  • Tube
  • Jump in the ring
  • Balance board
  • Rocking board
  • Labirinth


Max number of dogs together: 10 cani

Dimension: 1,800 squared m

Price: free (to pay: return ticket cable car)

Agility Dog is open in summer and in winter, in the same days and timetables of the Laghet-Prati di Gaggia lift is open. In particular cases can be closed for maintenance or other reasons

Agility Dog Prati di Gaggia Rules (italian)

How to go to Agility Dog?

To let you dog have fun, you can easily take the cable car Laghet-Prati di Gaggia starting from Andalo. The Agility Dog fun park is at the arrival of the cabin